Looking back on my six weeks at CECAS, I feel nothing but gratitude for the kind welcome, open ears and warm atmosphere every day.

My days were filled with working in the garden, leaving the grind behind, just breathing fresh air, watching my buddy the robin in the kale, chatting away and bonding with other volunteers over the smell of very spoiled (and very nutritious) silage.

Contemplating about problems I’ve never had before, like nosy cows on the veggy beds.

Dreaming of the future with excitement.

Refreshing my mind with a walk in beautiful Myross Wood. (Pic.1)

I got so many opportunities to learn more about the fascinating Irish culture, its roots in history, my vocabulary was enriched with friendly swearing and I quickly came to realize that the Irish weather forecast is the modern-day Oracle of Delphi.

Even though I am not a big fan of Halloween, experiencing Samhain in Ireland was an amazing experience.(Pic.2.)

The bustling Halloween market including stalls with crafts I had never seen before inspired me to get active when I return to Germany. Our little café in the canteen was my first experience serving food and became a highly effective workout with lots of laughter and fun. Was it super busy? Yes. Would I do it again? Absolutely. The cake was amazing, by the way.(Pic.3)

For me Myross Wood House is not only a house with a nice garden and good cake, but a precious opportunity in a surprisingly lively countryside, where people come together as a community to normalize love for our planet.

As I have lived in the outback of Germany almost my whole life, it was the most fascinating thing to see a rural region this active and future-orientated. This is only the beginning and I am excited for all the small and big changes in the future.

I sincerely wish everyone at CECAS peaceful winter days and all the best.

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