Flora & Fauna


Biodiversity (Flora & Fauna) in Myross Wood


A walk in Myross Wood soon makes it clear that this oak wood is rich in plants and animals.

The flowering plants: bluebells, wild garlic, wood sorrel, wood rush, etc all suggest an ‘ancient wood’.

The trees themselves, our ‘mega-flora’, show the hand of history with planting over the last century or so introducing species that wouldn’t be here naturally. The magnificent beech trees for example.

Stroll down the path and see the range of trees from the larger oak to hazel and holly in the understory.   Notice also the younger seedlings fighting their way upwards to become the next generation of trees.

Try an early morning walk in May and hear the dawn chorus of birds – one of nature’s spectacles.

Flowering plants, ferns, mosses, birds, small mammals, beetles and bugs and in the autumn – fungi all add up to a richness that at Myross House Wood we are working to preserve and improve.

Friends of Myross Wood is supported by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine 

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