Composting For Life – Workshops at CECAS – 29th April

CECAS Myross Wood House, Leap, Cork

This popular course is ideal for everyone who has an outdoor space  whether large or small, rural or urban and will help us make the most of our space, improve soil condition and fertility and manage garden and food waste sustainably. Would also make a fabulous gift for the gardener in your life.


One Day Course An Introduction to Scything at CECAS – 10 June

CECAS Myross Wood House, Leap, Cork

Do you hate the noise of strimmers? Want to find a quieter, more efficient and easier way to keep on top of vegetation in gardens, fields, near water and in woodlands? The ancient craft of Scything is making a comeback and offers a great way to care for outdoor spaces without fossil fuels, leaving no pollution, wildlife friendly and making virtually no noise - plus it's a great way to keep fit.