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The CECAS Community Hub


Beyond the activities at Myross Wood House and estate, CECAS will organise events, exhibitions, lectures, rallies, demonstrations throughout West Cork and engage with householders, trade and industry and community organisations. CECAS will encourage broad engagement on environmental issues and all aspects of sustainability and lifestyle :

  • Regional and National Funding applications for community projects and capacity development
  • the house, cafe/restaurant, and the grounds will offer opportunities for community and lifestyle activities
  • Myross Wood House will be available for community events, festivals, music and art performances, where those activities align with the objectives and ethos of CECAS
  • Learning opportunities to be made available to local schools, community groups and businesses that can be based indoors and outdoors at Myross Wood House estate. 


Volunteer! There Are So Many Ways to Lend a Helping Hand & Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer your skills and take part in our CECAS project, please fill in the form below and send us your details. We will be in touch in 2/3 days from receipt of the form. 

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