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Arts & Culture Hub


Arts and culture are the lifeblood of any community, and this is especially true in West Cork, where we are reported to have more artists per square mile than Paris! Creativity plays an important role in our local economy and everyday life – in both our work & leisure activities – and across diverse areas such as health and wellbeing, problem-solving and communications. All of this makes creativity a powerful tool for exploring and raising awareness of climate change and sustainability and one that we intend to integrate and develop through our activities at CECAS.

Our future programmes may include the following activities:

  • Artist residencies
  • Exhibitions & installations (indoor and outdoor)
  • Live theatre, dance and music performances
  • Film Screenings
  • Artist workshops and panel discussions
  • Art & craft fairs and markets
  • Courses in sustainable and environmentally-themed art and design”

Volunteer! There Are So Many Ways to Lend a Helping Hand & Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer your skills and take part in our CECAS project, please fill in the form below and send us your details. We will be in touch in 2/3 days from receipt of the form. 

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